The Chief

A word about Mohawk Trading from its Chief, Bob Greenwood

Our business has been successful because of our products, our customers and our people.

Another reason for our success is our business is located on a First Nations Territory, and because of that, has a cost advantage over its competitors.

Mohawk Trading wishes to even the playing field for its competitors by raising its prices effective May 1, 2014 so that our prices will be more in line with our competitors' prices. Our price increase will also take into account the pending increase in the federal Tobacco Tax. Mohawk Trading will contribute much of this increase to a foundation to be established by Bob Greenwood and colleagues to help First Nations people.

Our country has a lot to be proud of, but how it has treated its First Nations is not something to be proud of. Help us make Canada better for its First Nations.

Thank you for your past support and we look forward to your support in the future.

Bob Greenwood
Chief (Executive Officer Mohawk Trading)

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